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Web Development

Creativity isn't just about pretty colours and a clever turn of phrase - we always look for the most elegant solution to your web development needs that considers your goals both now and well into the future.

Three years ago, promotional websites were Stockstreet's bread and butter with almost 80% of all sites having little database-driven content or interactivity.

These days the balance has tipped towards online applications that not only drive revenue to businesses online but also streamline other areas of their business. Examples include online booking systems, intranets, content management systems and more.

We give you everything a growing business needs and nothing that it doesn't.

Stockstreet Interactive has extensive experience in delivering PHP/MySQL solutions across a wide range of industries and applications. Whether it be custom-built from the ground up or a customised open source solution, we give you everything a growing business needs and nothing that it doesn't.

Another recent trend has been offline database integration - the merging of inventory databases with online eCommerce solutions such as BigCommerce so that product updates and transaction information becomes fully automated.

Whatever your web development needs, rest assured that Stockstreet has the expertise to deliver the right solution to your business.

Content Management Systems

In simplest terms, a Content Management System (CMS) enables non-technical users to make text and image updates to a website. Examples of CMS's include broswer-based solutions such as Wordpress, Joomla and Finetune CMS.

What benefits are there in having a CMS?

The benefits of a CMS are many and varied. First and foremost, the ability to change content on the site when it suits you, not your web developer, is very appealing. When you add the cost savings in maintaining the site in house, it's easy to understand why almost 99% of the websites Stockstreet builds include a CMS. But the benefits of a CMS go well beyond convenience and saving money.

The search engine positioning benefits of having regularly updated content are well documented. Many of the tenets of search engine optimisation (SEO) emerge from Google's focus on relevancy - obviously fresh content meets this requirement.

Taking this concept further, relevant content does more than just attract the attention of the search engines, it also appeals to the humans too. The best way to attract both traffic and inbound links from relevant sites, blogs and directories is to provide content that is both new and interesting.

Why is Finetune CMS the perfect CMS for you?

Finetune is database driven - This allows you to create and store hundreds or thousands of pages in the database without the need to update each one of them.

If you have different authors that wish to contribute to your CMS web site you can set up multiple user access in the administration panel. They can just login and begin adding their content.

Authors and editors can access the site from any computer with an internet connection. This means users can update the site at the same time from any location in the world.

Publishing content can be controlled by creating a draft first then publishing it later. This is handy if you need to coordinate content from multiple authors.

Create search engine friendly pages - Finetune allows users to update meta tags, headings and page names to create search engine-friendly URLs (web addresses) that are consistently reqarded with top page rankings.

Promotional Websites

Making up almost 80% of the web is the promotional, billboard-style website. While the promotional website is certainly not dead, the days of the 7 page website including Home, About Us, Products, Services, Testimonials, Links, and a Contact Us page have certainly gone the way of the dodo.

No longer is it satisfactory to allow your visitors to fill in the gaps in their definition about your business.

Online customers are a lot more savvy and expect a lot more detail from websites they are planning to do business with. No longer is it satisfactory to allow your visitors to fill in the gaps in their definition about your business. Each one of your business' products and services needs to be clearly defined, and your core message needs to distinctly separate you from the competition.

From our initial consultation, you will realise how far we strive to accurately segment your target market so your site can market to it accordingly.

Your Optimised Site

Unlike our competition, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is included in every site we develop. We believe that a site not developed with potential visitors and their habits in mind is really only half a website at best.

As an established player in the Australian market, we take the advancement of digital media in Australia very seriously. We believe that a website needs to assume central importance in your business' marketing mix, allowing  a dramatic increase in your return on investment from digital marketing measures. Put simply, we assist small and medium business save expenditure and increase profits through our proven web development methodology.

CRM - Customer Relationship Databases

Stockstreet Interactive has developed both custom and out-of-the-box CRMs for a variety of clients, giving them the power to systematise their business, deliver massive efficencies and track all areas of their business.This in turn empowers their staff and gives them all the answers they need to carry out their duties.

This, more than any other area of our business, is the service that has the greatest potential to increase sales and reduce costs for your business.

To discuss your CRM needs, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Database & API Integration

A recent trend in our development services has been for organisations to create a relationship between their offline inventory or CRM program and their website.

Using CSV files (much like an Excel file), information can be easily imported into databases, be it weekly, daily or hourly and then transactions can just as easily be sent back the other way, either manually or automatically.

We have integrated all kinds of databases from Filemaker Pro, to MS Access and even a decade-old version of ACT, so you can tell we're pretty flexible.

Is your database capable of online integration?

If your database is capable of importing and exporting its database easily via CSV format, then it can quite easily integrate with your website or other online application. If you are not sure, contact us today for a free consultation.

API Integration

With Software As A Service (SAAS) becoming a reality, the capacity to have online apps such as SugarCRM, Maximiser or SalesForce integrate with your website giving you a complete snapshot of your customer's activities is now a reality. Whatever flavour of SAAS you use, from Saasu to Xero, from Basecamp to Highrise, give us a call - you could be one decision away from completely streamlining your business.