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Email Marketing

Why eNews when you can eShmooze? Our email marketing tool, Envoy, has rewritten the book on email marketing with its ease of use and powerful reporting.

In a world of shrinking attention spans, tradtional eNewsletters just don't cut it as a marketing tool. They're fine for existing communities who like to be kept in the loop, but wouldn't it be great if your single core offering could cut through your potential customer's inboxes and give them a call to action too good to resist?

Now, if we were a marketing company, we'd start outlining the "5 headlines your customers can't resist!" or "The Real Power of Split Infinitives!" but we'll leave this to the latte drinking Prahran set. What Stockstreet can offer you is an ongoing electonic direct marketing (EDM) campaign that is completely measurable which is critical to working out your return on investment.

Using Stockstreet's own EDM application, Envoy, we can plug your campaigns straight into your website analytics, meaning we can deliver better results more frequently. Why? Because we get people, we get their email usage, we get their time constraints - and design our eShots accordingly.

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